Saturday, May 21, 2011

Experience the Outer Banks on Horseback

I love visiting the Outer Banks of North Carolina and will write a more detailed blog soon about all of the horse-related history and things to do there. I wrote a guest blog for the Emmy-winning TV show on PBS Equitrekking about riding on the beach. I've ridden there twice so far. Once with my daughter (in the guest blog), and the second time with non-rider husband and a very good horsey friend who will be the subject of future blog posts. The second trip was just as amazing and fun as the first.

You can read the guest blog here.  Equitrekking has a great web site with lots of travel ideas, articles and news. You should also check out the TV show. I hope to interview the creator and host, Darley Newman, for my blog in between her world travels.

But don't wait for a blog post to plan your trip to OBX (shorthand for Outer Banks). Anytime of year is great--especially spring and fall. The locals are friendly, there is so much to do there and if you like to fish, surf or enjoy any other water sports, you are going to the right place. 

People tell me I should work for a convention and visitor's bureau because I am always recommending places to eat and things to do. Email me if you would like some suggestions for your next OBX trip. Oh, and don't forget to make your reservations for beach riding at Equine Adventures.

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